DMR mode, frequency busy - question

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DMR mode, frequency busy - question

Post by Fecskebeka » Thu Jul 01, 2021 8:24 pm

(DM-1801 - 11:03:23 Jun 13 2121 built beta)

DMR mode, frequency busy - question,
No sound due to filters. Another talks to another. All right.
(I don't see a radio, it's in a bag. I use a hand-held speaker with an external microphone. So I don't know if the frequency is busy)

Green LED is on, of course I can't see.
I'm pushing for PTT. I want to give TX.
Red LED is on, of course I can't see.

Fortunately, broadcasting does not go out to the ether. It does not cause disturbance.
Super !!

But I don't know if I really gave a signal. True, the short start beep does not sound. Not really conspicuous.
Similar longer tones would be required than with PTT lock. Warning!
(We don't just use the radio in a quiet environment and in mind!)

A walkable solution? It would be useful?

I didn't listen in analog FM mode.


My comment is not a critique. I want to add value. And what's useful to you is also useful for me! Hearing, perseverance! Thanks for all that!

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