DMR mode - RX receiver side audible end signal question

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DMR mode - RX receiver side audible end signal question

Post by Fecskebeka » Thu Jul 01, 2021 9:07 pm

I don't dare ask that anymore :)

DMR mode. At the end of a received RX broadcast, the receiving radio is silently silenced.
The digital line is so clear that you can't even hear that the broadcast is over.

It was not uttered from the opposite side that it was "over."
Silence because it's over? Or just not talking but pushing the PTT?
(Don't think of the professional radio amateur who you are)

TX radio at the start of the broadcast, you will hear the start signal and then the stop signal at the end. Useful.

Receiver does not hear the end.
There is no end transmitted with the TX signal. Can be heard at the receiver.
There is no logical end at the receiver. No audible.

Although it can be confusing to have a logical signal when the signal is omitted or intermittent. And it's not delayed enough.

Guess what would have been my question .. :)

My comment is not a critique. I want to add value. And what's useful to you is also useful for me! Hearing, perseverance! Thanks for all that!

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