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Discussion related to the exprimental TYT MD-9600 / Retevis RT-90 version
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Installation information

Post by VK3KYY » Sat Jan 15, 2022 5:07 am

Firmware installation instructions

This firmware is experimental and anyone installing it does so at their own risk

Before installing the firmware, you should be sure you have a copy of the official firmware which works with your radio, in case you need to reinstall the official firmware.

There are 3 completely different versions of MD-9600 hardware, and if you install the incorrect version of official firmware, you radio will not transmit or receive.

The latest official firmware can be downloaded from Radioddity, however the firmware appears to be only for the V4 hardware, so if you have an older e.g V2.1 or V3, or newer V4A (aka V5) hardware the download from Radioddity will not work on your radio. ...

I don't think TYT have a firmware download on their website at all. They only have a CPS download.

As well as the official firmware, you will also need the official CPS and official firmeware loader, because I have currently not written a firmware loader for the MD9600 and also do not have a way to backup the calibration data in the radio.

  • After you have confimed that you have an official version of firmware which works with your radio, you should use the official CPS to backup the calibration data in the radio.
  • With your Md9600 connected to a PC, using the official CPS, hold Control + T until the "test" screen is displayed
  • You should also backup your codeplug using the official CPS
  • Download the latest OpenGD77CPS from here
  • Set the MD-9600 into firmware upload mode, by holding the orange and P1 buttons when applying power to the radio. The display backlight will flash and the display will be blank
  • Using the official firmware update program, select the correct version of OpenMD9600 for your PCB hardware version, and update the firmware in the radio
  • After the firmware has installed, and you have rebooted the radio, the radio should show the normal OpenGD77 VFO screen, however the frequencies will be some random numbers
  • Using the OpenGD77CPS, use the Radio Type menu to select the MD9600, then open the OpenGD77 support screen
    Note many buttons are missing becasue the MD9600 does not have the same hardware as the GD77
  • You should now backup the Flash memory in your MD9600 and save that file in a safe location
  • After the Flash backup is complete. Upload your normal OpenGD77 codeplug to the MD9600, you can also upload Voice Prompts, Satellite data and DMR ID's.
    Note currently only 1Mb of the Flash memory is availalble, so DMR ID should be set to GD77 , which only has 1Mb memory
  • After the codeplug is loaded the radio should now be functional
    If the radio does not transmit or receive, you have probably installed the wrong firmware version, and it does not match your hardware.

User Interface

The MD9600 does not have all the buttons on the GD77. At the moment these are the key / button mappings, and not all functions of SK1 and SK2 are currently supported

P1 = SK2
P2 = SK1
P4 = * (STAR)

On the mic keypad

A/B = Green
“A” key = Red
“B” key = Left Arrow
“C” key = Right Arrow”
“D” key toggles SK2 latch, so SK2 functions can be controlled from the mic

On the front panel, Up and Down and the rotary control, change some things.

On VFO and Channel, Up / Down buttons are Right / Left, and rotary control is Up / Down
But in menus, the Up / Down buttons are Up/Down and rotary control is to adjust the settings

In General Options, there is a setting called Button Remap, this changes the operation of the front panel buttons in the menus to be the same as on the Channel and VFO screens.

This is Alpha / Experimental firmware, and does not have all OpenGD77 fumnctionality, and also contains many bugs
  • If any of the screens e.g. Location , Lat / Long do not function, try disabling Voice Prompts.
  • Power levels are not well calibrated.
  • All functions of SK1 and SK2 are not supported
  • Occasionally the radio may transmit on the wrong timeslot
  • Some older radio hardware does not work well on DMR unless set to full power

Removal of the firmware

If you need to remove the firmware, you should just be able to reload the official firmware for your radio.
The official codeplug is not overwritten, but if you had many DMR ID records installed using the official firmware you would need to upload the DMR ID's again

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