G4EML’s volume & speaker pop mods, hooray!

Discussion related to the exprimental TYT MD-9600 / Retevis RT-90 version
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G4EML’s volume & speaker pop mods, hooray!

Post by KD7MW » Tue Jul 26, 2022 9:53 pm

I want to give three cheers for Colin G4EML and his mods to moderate the TYT 9600’s hypersensitive volume control and eliminate the speaker pop or click when the squelch changes state or beeps sound. They work. The volume control mod is fairly easy. The speaker pop mod is fiddly but doable for someone with any reasonable PCB experience. Small tools and a magnifier are essential.

The firmware option to partially suppress the speaker click/pop works well, too. But after a time I found the remaining pop annoying enough that I took a deep breath and did the mod. One tip: it is easy to scratch off thin bits of PCB material under the audio amp chip leads if you’re not super careful. Which I did. This exposes bare copper underneath. To be safe, I stuck a tiny strip of electrical tape to the board under the leads when I finished. In hindsight, better to do something to protect the board before starting.

My 9600 has version 1 hardware. Colin’s mods are here:
https://www.pc5e.nl/downloads/rt82/manu ... bridge.pdf

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Re: G4EML’s volume & speaker pop mods, hooray!

Post by DL2CC » Tue Sep 27, 2022 5:48 pm

Just did the speaker pop mod on my Retevis RT90. Done in 10 minutes, real easy as the pins on the audio amp are quite large and long, easy to cut.
The annoying pop is much better and even gone in many cases! Thanks!

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