New Alpha 2024 06 30

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New Alpha 2024 06 30

Post by VK3KYY » Sun Jun 30, 2024 10:41 am

A new Alpha version is now available

downloads/MD2017/Firmware/705f701a878b7 ... 6243d3354e

This version fixes the bugs in the previous Beta release but it no longer has the SMS passthrough functionality in Hotspot mode, becuase this was causing problems for normal operation

Thanks to Daniel F1RMB for removing the manfunctioning additions and hence fixing the firmware, and to the various people who tested this version so that it could be published to the forum, including IK0NWG and DJ0HF

Hopefully in the hotspot mode SMS passthough functionality may eventually be able to be incorporated again, but at the moment I am trying to get the firmware as stable as possible

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Re: New Alpha 2024 06 30

Post by EA5SW » Mon Jul 01, 2024 5:13 pm

The 2 seconds silence at start now works with Hotspots.

Thanks team !!

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